School Uniforms - A Solution, Or Another Problem For Teens?

09 Mar

Even though the purpose of colleges, and also the very obvious challenge confronting those who would run a college, is to provide the best education possible to its students, there will always be many other assorted issues that will crop up. It's not possible to be in charge of so many distinct human beings for a lot of their lives without running into a variety of problems on a nearly daily basis. One such problem which has reared its head in many cities throughout the country (and, indeed, throughout the planet) is the issue of whether or not to apply a school uniform policy.

There are two sides to this debate, as you may anticipate, and as is this case with any big question facing schools, there are legitimate points to consider on either side of the table. The most important argument in favor of school uniforms is that they sort of take pupils' dress and appearance out of the equation. The main argument against the dress code is that it unnecessarily takes away the students' right to dress how they feel. Let us examine each in detail.
There's a strong case to be made for enforcing a policy of mandatory school uniforms. Frequently in college, students will try to establish and reinforce a type of social hierarchy based on looks. This can have the unfortunate effect of pupils that are not able to afford clothes that are cool and trendy having fewer friends and less regard in their peers. Additionally, pupils often make judgments about each other based on the kind of clothing they wear, which is not a fantastic habit to get into. Making students all wear the identical thing would seem to eliminate both problems.

On the flip side, an individual can certainly argue that enforcing a dress code doesn't actually address the actual problem. The easy fact is that people judge each other based on their appearances, in school and in the actual world. Instead of giving children an chance to learn a lesson about what actually matters regarding personal appearances, and rather than letting them view in real practice that people who do not enjoy you based on how you dress are not value your time, a uniform policy creates an artificial situation where people can not choose how to dress. This does nothing to alter the simple fact that pupils will one day have to face the same difficulties, in one situation or another.

It's most likely best for everyone if, instead of executing a mandatory uniform policy, parents simply taught their kids about what really matters when you need to make judgments about other men and women. In the real world, individuals make decisions based on appearance, and figuring out how to cope with that should be among numerous things that teenagers learn in college, even if they never have to have a test on it.

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